Motivator & Yoga Mentor For Men

Detoxifying Twists For Dudes

Guys, spring is a great time to detox your body, and get revved up for the summer. It’s natural to feel heavy after a long winter. Now is the time to get light, both in your body and mind. In this session, you will work twists to wring-out and cleanse your body. I will give tools for men to get leverage in these poses and really find the depth and benefit in them.

Here Are The Key Actions For Men In Twists:

Thread The Needle: Thread your top arm through the other. Make sure you keep your hips level so that it remains a twist, rather than a turn.

Locust: Lengthen your spine, straighten your legs and arms as you lift up. Make sure you stretch forward and back to maintain length as you backbend.

Down Dog: Keep the entire perimeter of your hands anchored down with a little lift underneath the very base of your wrists. As much as you can keep that little lift, work your arms straight and send your chest towards your thighs.

Chair Twist: Bring one hand to your thigh and use it as leverage to hook your opposite arm across the thigh. When you reach your arm up, lengthen that side long and round your upper-back to twist across the body.

Lunge Twist: Just like the chair twist, bring your hand on your front thigh, reach your opposite arm overhead as high as you can and use the hand on your thigh to twist your arm across deeply. Once you’re in the twist, you can look down for balance to straighten the back leg. 

Side Angle: Reach your bottom arm to the inside of your front foot, so your arm presses against your inner knee. Press your arm against your knee and knee against your arm to open your chest and set your shoulders back. 

Triangle: With your legs straight, touch down with your bottom hand, just to the outside of the center of your front shin. If your shoulders slouch, use a block. Press your bottom wrist or forearm against your outer shin to anchor the inner-edge of your front foot and open your chest towards the wall you’re facing.

Wide Angle Twist: Make sure your weight is evenly distributed in both feet. That’s how you will know that your hips are level. Keeping that, reach your hand across the body for the opposite shin or thigh, whatever you can get ahold of. Take the other hand above your head on the floor, and keeping your hips level, pull yourself under the extended arm.

½ Split Twist: If your front leg is straight, and you want more challenge, reach your opposite hand (if your right leg is forward, reach your left arm across and vice-versa) across the shin, and press your forearm against the outer shin to hold it in place. Keep your front toes and knee pointed straight up as you open your chest towards the wall you’re twisting towards. Literally put your chest forward. Once your chest faces the side wall, reach your top arm up.

Pigeon Thigh Stretch: It is a twist and a hint of a backbend. Make sure you set your top shoulder back, and keep the weight even on your back thigh.

Briggid’s Cross: Create a 90 degree angle with your legs. Stack your hips, as you lower down onto your forearms. With your elbows under shoulders, drag your forearms on the floor towards your legs to pull your chest forward and anchor your front outer hip under.

Twisted Triangle:  When you twist, keep your hips square and your legs straight. Send your bottom chest way forward towards the direction you’re twisting. Once your chest faces the wall you’re twisting towards, reach your top arm up. 

Twisted ½ moon: Just like twisted triangle, keep your hips square and send your bottom shoulder forward towards the wall you’re twisting towards.

Seated Twist: When you twist, widen your bent knee against your arm to send your chest forward.