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Why Yoga Classes Specifically For Men?

-Naomi, Free People

Recently, I was interviewed by Free People about Yoga For Dudes! Why men might be hesitant to try a yoga class and why Yoga For Dudes works!rsz_broga

Why do you think some men are scared of yoga?

I think there are a couple reasons why men have a real fear about attending a yoga class:

1. The class will be too “preachy.” That they are going to end up in a class where they will sit around in a circle and chant to a yoga god they don’t care about. They fear teachers might offer their personal opinions about what they should and shouldn’t be thinking, eating, and doing.

2. They won’t be flexible enough!

3. It won’t be challenging enough or that they will be bored.

4. The hyper-bendy teachers won’t have the proper variations to keep them from getting hurt.

All of these fears are warranted. I’ve experienced them all myself. You have to pick the right classes. That’s why, with the right teacher, yoga classes specifically for men work!

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How to Do Chaturanga

Not Chatur- “Wrong. Uh!”

How do I do chaturanga without hurting my shoulder? -Aubrey K., Fishtown

Chaturanga, or as I like to call it: “a mindful yoga push-up,” can be a great way to build strength in the upper back and shoulders. If done with good alignment. Practicing chaturanga misaligned could be a shoulder shredder!

Be powerful and engaged, NOT painful and enraged!

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