Motivator & Yoga Mentor For Men


Men's Yoga Class - BrogaYoga For Dudes 4-Week Series

Saturdays From Noon – 1:15pm: 4/26, 5/3, 5/10 at Maha, Main Line
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Mondays From 6:30pm-7:45pm: 3/17 – 4/7 at Amrita, Fishtown
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A workshop series for men who want to learn and excel in yoga! This series will utilize the strength that men have to tackle the challenges that men specifically face in yoga. This workshop will be offered for beginners and those who want to deepen their practice with accessible yet challenging variations designed for a stronger body.In four weeks, learn the biomechanical tools to:
•Alleviate joint and low back pain
•Recover from injury
•Revitalize and open the body
•Gain strength and flexibility
•Take your yoga practice to the next level
Men's Lizard Yoga Lunge

Jake started yoga after a long and strenuous athletic and weight lifting career. He faced many injuries and tightness throughout his body. Attending a yoga class seemed daunting and inaccessible. Two months after his first class,and 40 pounds later, Jake felt surprisingly stronger than ever, yet light and healthy in his body and mind. Going through this transition empowered him with the knowledge to move forward and flourish both on and off his mat.

Yoga For Dudes, Radical Expansion 8-Week Series

A series for personal growth. This program is for those who are committed and want to take there yoga practice and well-being to the next level!

  • Advance Your Yoga Practice
  • Accelerate Your Health
  • Develop A Home Practice
  • Gain Strength, Flexibility and Fitness
  • Learn to Work Mindfully with Your Therapeutic and Alignment Needs
  • Develop and Evolve Your WellnessEka Pada Urdva Dhanurasana
  • Get Committed and Have Fun!

This Series Includes:

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 4 Group Classes
  • Commitment to a 15 minute home practice designed specifically for you
  • Monthly Content Calls
  • Bi-Weekly Personal Workshop Calls

Group Classes Meet On Sundays 4:30-5:45pm Mar 16,  23, 30, and April 6.

Private Lessons Scheduled Based On Availability.

“Jake really understands the challenges that men face as well as the strengths they bring to yoga. The Yoga for Dudes series was a great opportunity to explore those strengths and challenges in a low-pressure, small group setting. There was plenty of time for questions before, during, and after. Jake’s answers were always thoughtful and reflected his years of training as both an athlete and a yoga teacher and practitioner” -Jon Goff


“Jake’s Yoga for dudes series, was a great experience full of comradery between attendees. Which created an environment for novices to a stretching program to really excel in a rapid time-frame.”  -Aman Tiwana


“The program was great. I started with sciatic issues and cleared them up with this very beneficial class.”  -Steven Massimini